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mandag 28 august, 2023 Kl. 21:15

A deeper dive into COVID-19 treatments and the doctors who are marginalized for speaking out about them

Udgivet den 28. august 2023
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Dr. Pierre Kory is a pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist, Teacher, Researcher and Co-Developer of effective, evidence and expertise-based COVID Treatment protocols, including Ivermectin.

Dr. Pierre Kory is also Co-Founder and medical director of Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FCCCA) – a nonprofit organization that researches and disseminates treatments for COVID-19 vaccine injuries, including Ivermectin.

Founder & Chair of The Danish Freedom Movement, FBF, Malue Montclairre met August 26th 2023 with Dr. Pierre Kory to learn more about the COVID-19 treatments that the established media won’t disclose and the war that authorities and media are waging against Ivermectin. It was also a talk about the upcoming Facts matter Conference in Copenhagen, September 2nd 2023, which Dr. Kory is attending as one of 15 experts with the topic Revealing the facts about pandemics and government control.

Facts matter Conference
Frontline COVID19 Critical Care Alliance FCCCA
Dr. Pierre Korys private praksis
Pierre Kory’s book “The War On Ivermectin” –  can be bought from Amazon and Saxo
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